Feel the rocky soil beneath your feet, take a dip in a secluded alpine lake, and of course, take time to smell the wildflowers on one of our spectacular hiking and multi-sport adventures. Challenge and inspire yourself – both mentally and physically, while having the most fun you’ve ever had hiking day after day in some of the most stunning regions of the world.

Formerly known as Tahoe Trips and Trails, we have over 20 years of providing opportunities to those seeking to experience the beauty and wonderment of the natural world. Let our passionate and knowledgeable guides take care of all the specifics, allowing you to explore new regions, enjoy authentic local cuisines, and connect with like-minded adventurers along your journey.  Together with our world class partners, we scout each location and arrange every detail, ensuring both an exclusive and exceptional experience every time.

As outdoor enthusiasts and guides, our goal is to provide extraordinary and inspirational journeys for all types of groups, including individuals, families and corporations.

Scheduled group trips include proven itineraries with just the right mix of activity and leisure time.

Looking for something private? Our self-guided adventures can be designed for your family, friends or fellow officemates.  We do all logistical and planning work, allowing you to enjoy adventure travel your way.  And, rest assured, we hold the official permitting and proper insurance to run trips where we do.

T3 Adventures began with a passion for sharing the marvels of the natural world with others.  As a family-owned, boutique travel company, we offer something many large corporations cannot: Exceptional service with unparalleled friendliness and attention to personal details.

We invite you to experience our unique adventures.


Our team consists of company owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, wellness professionals, and of course, experienced and certified international guides.

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