At T3 Adventures, inspiring and motivating employees mean so much more then reward cards, golf outings or team building. We create memorable, single or multi-day corporate adventure off-sites, reward programs and wellness retreats that excite, transform and leave a lasting impression.

Rooted in the experiences of our high alpine adventures, our corporate programs draw upon an interaction with nature to boost creativity, re-energize the spirit and promote health and wellbeing.

Take what you know about traditional company off-sites and put them in the same place where you store the fax machine. At T3 Adventures, we create customized off-site programs that energize, engage and motivate employees.Imagine conducting your next offsite team meeting beside a breathtaking mountain lake. Envision the creativity it could spark. What if your team could spend an afternoon on an exhilarating river rafting trip, later returning to a well-deserved dinner with an executive chef that provides insight into how to easily create your exquisite meal?With attention to every detail, our Adventures are designed for organizations of all sizes seeking to retain, motivate and rejuvenate their employees. 

"Happy, healthy, employees are 50% more productive in their work and personal lives." 
-Human Resource Management

Outlined below is a typical day at  one of our Corporate Adventure off-sites and wellness retreats. Each day we offer new activities, fitness and nutrition insights, meals and outdoor skills. While you will have time to conduct your corporate business, most of the day is filled with fun adventures, delicious food, beautiful Tahoe wilderness and clean mountain air. All of our programs can be customized to fit your choice of accommodations, group size, adventure activities and meal choices.

wake up


(6:30 AM)

Be greeted by a beautiful mountain morning sunrise and clean fresh mountain air.

before workout


(6:45 AM)

Treat yourself to an energy shooter to start the process of recharging your body for the day's journey.



(7:00 AM)

Start the day with an energizing morning Yoga class to stimulate the mind and body.



(8:00 AM)

Enjoy a nourishing breakfast designed to fuel your body for the daily activity.

activity prep


(8:30 AM)

Review the day's adventure with your guide. Load your pack and head out for the trail.

hit the trail


(9:00 AM)

Start exploring the wonders of the Tahoe wilderness. Learn techniques and tips to help make your journey more enjoyable.



(12:30 PM)

Enjoy a specially prepared picnic lunch out on the trail.



(4:00 PM)

Return to the lodge, refuel your body and enjoy and afternoon stretch to energize those tired muscles.



(4:30 PM)

Take time out for a relaxing shower or hot tub soak before heading off to dinner.



(5:30 PM)

Join our team for a glass of wine and some appetizers to discuss the day's activities, outdoor fitness and nutrition.



(6:30 PM)

Our Nutritionist will join you for a gourmet meal and a lively discussion around food, fitness and nutrition.



(8:00 PM)

Disconnect and unplug so you can relax, rest and recover with a good night's sleep.


Let one of our corporate adventure experts assist you in creating your next off-site or wellness retreat


Adventure travel can be one of the most valuable investments a company can make.  It is amazing to see life-changing moments, resulting in your employees returning back refreshed, creative and productive. Travel experiences are amplified when shared, employees will come back thinking bigger and more collaboratively.  

According to a recent Gallup poll of US employees, a surprisingly small percentage feel truly engaged at work.  This lack of engagement can result in low retention rates, less loyalty and reduced efficiency.  There is great opportunity for companies to boost their productivity by investing in their employees’ welfare and workplace. 

T3 Adventures, both here in Lake Tahoe and in cooperation with our overseas partners, offer the following key element in our corporate rewards travel program: 

  • Go somewhere out of the ordinary so employees feel special. We sense a yearning among many people for a more authentic experience.  Our hut-to-hut journeys allow more intimate and genuine contact with the local places and people. 

  • Escape and disconnect. Be free from noise and distracting technology.

  • Confront nature – be challenged in activities that connect you to areas that are wild, vast and awe-inspiring.


Let one of our adventure travel experts assist you in creating a memorable adventure travel rewards program